Actually, there are a lot of words


You’ve heard it …

Well meaning people will say, "There are no words" when faced with grief. In my experience, that silly little phrase is simply not true. Most of us have LOTS of words and few folks are comfortable hearing them! In this interactive workshop, you will use wordplay, poetry, and writing prompts to practice putting words to your grief story. Designed for all writing skill levels, we will build on the basics and tap into creative expression. Grace, compassion, and sense of humor welcome.

Scalable for audiences of different sizes and writing levels

Katie is a doing a pretty magical thing — helping people open up about life-after-loss through personal writing. Katie’s workshop was one of the most engaging parts of the weekend and our camper evaluations glowed about the experience of learning with and from her. Would definitely recommend Katie for opening up the hearts, stories — and journals — of those walking through life-after-loss!
— Becca Bernstein, Community Director of The Dinner Party