Why, hello there!

You made it!

Take a deep breath. It’s wonderful to welcome you into this space.

Our culture is demanding isn’t it? I juggle as an administrator, master scheduler, wife, and daughter by day and a writer by night.

I believe in the power of seeking beautiful things right alongside acknowledging and honoring the hurt and pain of our broken world. This seeking often includes Jesus, vanilla lattes, books, journals, pens with ink and recipes for baked goods. Come snack time I prefer chips and guacamole or sipping a cold, crisp glass of white wine. I suck at winking, still can’t drive stick shift, and am learning to play the ukulele.

Because life’s a work in progress, right?

I’ve got dreams of writing books and making cute merchandise and traveling to speaking engagements while encouraging others to find peace, pause, and patience in healing processes.

I hope you find what you’re seeking in this space - answers to questions about writing, a corner of peace, or a piece of quiet in a loud and noisy world. If you’re interested in working together, let’s connect.